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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

* Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info> [2004-06-29 00:23]:
> Booth:
> ======
> - the "hacking" area wasn't avaible on the first days, so much Debian
>   folks was sitting around at our booth, so visitors (if they weren't to
>   afraid too come to our booth) didn't know whom to ask questions.

 I have been to two LT so far, this year and 2k1. At the LT 2k1 which
was still in Stuttgart there was a hacking area in the middle of the
exhibition area -- why isn't that available anymore? I am not sure that
we really need a hacking area for Debian people especially, but there
should be one for general.

 If there was one I apologize -- but then it was poorly announced. I
don't think that it would be a problem if it is a little bit further
from our booth, but you can't do a Linux event without any place where
people can sit together and work out some problems (and I am not talking
about some boxing ring, pardon).

> Possible solution: Threw those who aren't assigned as booth personal,
>   out of the booth. There was an internet Cafe with tables and net-access
>   in the Stadthalle. You could have worked there.

 I am more thinking of a place in the exhibition area where it simply
fits into the context.

> Possible solution: Don't allow female visitors to enter the exhibition
>   hall.


> Possible solution: Take 50ccm caffein intra cardial, or ask for someone
>   to step in, while you go for a small walk at fresh air (there is such a
>   nice park right behind the exhibition area.) Alternativly you can go to
>   the hacking area and sleep there.

 Jolt, Jolt, JOLT!  (no, I'm not addicted...)

> - Don't play screen for the beamer. Even if you don't wear our black
>   shirts, the (nearly) white booth wall does this job much better.

 Yes, this was a problem, and I guess mostly because of the crowded

> - Booth people didn't know how to use the systems at the booth (e.g.
>   how to burn a disc)
> Possible solution: Create the information file for the booth people
>   sooner and add all informations they need, so they can read it before
>   they arrive.

 An information sheet would be really helpful, yes.  Stefan Heinecke had
a quite interesting "burning station" at the Linuxwochen here in vienna,
I could ask him for the software he was using, it was more or less

> - We run out of food to fast (okay, my fault). Well, the solution would
>   be to buy more food, but I disliked the idea to throw away uneaten food
>   at the evening, and didn't knew how much people will be arround the
>   next day. 

 And I wasn't the only one asking for vegetarian food, pardon.  It was
more regularly requested than the others, so I hope this will be taken
into account for next year list.  :)

> Possible solution: Throw your rubbish in the garbage back instead of
>   leaving it somewhere at our booth. Clean up in the evening.

 I am shocked that this has to be pointed out...  Unfortunately some
people seem to not have cared, otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it.

>   Write your name on your mug, so you don't need to take four mugs a
>   day.

 _Good_ advise.  We need some edding at the booth for that purpose, at

> DebianDay:
> ==========
> - Different people visiting talks at the DebianDay told me, that they didn't
>   like the very short talks, they thought talk and discussion would
>   take a full hour, not only 15 minutes.

 I plead guilty.  But you didn't wake me to arrive on time....  ;)

 No, no real excuse for my short talk, I promise to do better next time
I will give a talk.

> Possible solution: If you are going to do a talk at a DebianDay next
>   year, don't forget that the audience will be mainly Debian Developers
>   and experienced users.

 At least I didn't fail at that.  :)

 I'd like to thank our sponsor(s) again and hope it wasn't a complete
failure to ship me.

 So long,
I don't know, chmod g+a something  and the world goes crazy :)
                                  -- Craig Small, d-n-a@l.d.o

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