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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Good Morning!

* Jonathan Oxer <jon@ivt.com.au> [040629 11:53]:

> > - Different people visiting talks at the DebianDay told me, that they didn't
> >   like the very short talks
> I apologise that my talk ran under-time: I had indicated prior to the
> event that I only needed a short slot, and was told it was fine to
> present a shorter talk. Oh well, at least that's feedback to be used for
> next time.

Yes, I know. When I planed the the DebianDay I just thought, having
shoter talks would be a waste of precious time slots, until somebody
(Joey?) told me, that it wouldn't be a problem.

And so I told you, that you can do a shorter talk, if you wish.

But after DebianDay I heard from many visitors, that they disliked the
idle time after a short talk.

> > I you even can't do this, ask Joey for the code and change it in a
> > way that he can administrate talks which don't fill a full hour.
> that would allow Joey to schedule talks shorter than an hour? I don't
> really follow what you mean here.

The main reason not having a schedule with half hour time slots was,
that Joey currently can't administrate them, and I therefore set hourly
talks, although I knew, that not every speaker will use the full hour.
Therefore our visitors thought talks would fill a full hour.

If we would have been able to administrate shorter talks, we could have
filled the idle time with other stuff, and our visitors wouldn't
complain about the idle times they had.

Sorry, was not your fault.

> > - Some speakers prepared their talk for the wrong audience.
[ audience are DDs and experienced users ]

> Obviously I misunderstood what was expected of me, so I apologise that
> people were disappointed with my presentation.

When I wrote this lines I didn't had your talk in mind but an other
one. AFAIK your talk was fine; I'm not sure, if I told you what audience
you should expect before. Sorry.

> On another note, I thought the merchandise display at the Debian stand
> was very nice. Congratulations to whoever made the arrangements for it
> and source all the items available for sale. Great job!

That was done by Jörg Jaspert. Thanks Jörg.

Yours sincerely,

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