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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> Um, huh? Did you mean that I should change some code somewhere (where?)
> that would allow Joey to schedule talks shorter than an hour? I don't
> really follow what you mean here.

The code Alex refers to is at

> > - Some speakers prepared their talk for the wrong audience.
> > 
> > Possible solution: If you are going to do a talk at a DebianDay next
> >   year, don't forget that the audience will be mainly Debian Developers
> >   and experienced users.
> Yes, I was guilty of doing that (which is also partly why my talk was
> short). Since I had not ever been to LinuxTag before (it's rather
> expensive, the airfare cost me about AU$3000) all I knew about it was
> from the website. I was under the impression that it was primarily a
> user-conference, not a developer conference, so I prepared on the basis
> that the audience would probably be technical end-users. I didn't know
> that DebianDay would be so separated from the main conference that only
> hardcore DDs who already know how to package kernels would go to it - I
> thought it would be part of the main venue, and it would be likely that
> normal conference attendees would be there.

Those who can read know more...




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