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Re: critics about our presence at LinuxTag 2004

* Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@ist.org> [040629 12:36]:

> > Possible solution: Don't allow female visitors to enter the exhibition
> >   hall.
>  NOT!

Okay, so I request LinuxTag to organize a girlfriend for every geek
before LinuxTag starts. This way they don't need to.. well... This way
they might don't need to ... well... at least in this way, they will get
slapped in their face by their girlfriend, if they stare at other women

[ burning etc. ]
>  An information sheet would be really helpful, yes.  Stefan Heinecke had
> a quite interesting "burning station" at the Linuxwochen here in vienna,
> I could ask him for the software he was using, it was more or less
> foolproof.

Yes, that would be interesting. Since I'm not sure, what I should write:
- run "cdrecord -dev=0,3,1 -v -eject -speed=12 /path/to/iso"
- click on "k3b", "file", "cd", "burn iso-image", "okay"
- write a skript for the iso-images we have calling cdrecord via dialog?
- ...

>  And I wasn't the only one asking for vegetarian food, pardon.  It was
> more regularly requested than the others, so I hope this will be taken
> into account for next year list.  :)

Was there a problem with vegetarian food? AFAIK only on one day XSnack
missed some semmeln, so I bought gim some new.

> > Possible solution: Throw your rubbish in the garbage back instead of
> >   leaving it somewhere at our booth. Clean up in the evening.
>  I am shocked that this has to be pointed out...  Unfortunately some
> people seem to not have cared, otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it.
> :(

I'm shocked, that I need to mention most of this points on my list.

> >   Write your name on your mug, so you don't need to take four mugs a
> >   day.
>  _Good_ advise.  We need some edding at the booth for that purpose, at
> least.

<personal note>
Last year I have lost three eddings, this year my first edding got away
before high noon on the first day.
I don't know, while the CD marker of other people always survive events,
while my eddings get lost. This interesting phenomen is not limited to
</personal note>

Yours sincerely,

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