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Re: next events: FOSDEM + Chemnitzer Linuxtag

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 08:40:33PM +0000, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> I'd also like to get posters from
> http://73lab2.free.fr/debian_posters/ printed which can be sold.  I
> talked to Michael Meskes about this to see if credativ can get them
> printed and I think he said yes but I haven't heard from him for a
> while. 

If we get around to print a couple of posters, I'd vote for a poster of
the current flyer. I believe we could save on quite a few flyers if
people stop by our booth and read the poster first, and not just grab
the flyer to 'perhaps read when I'm back home'. Also, that will get us
perhaps some attention from people passing by.

Any thoughts?


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