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Re: next events: FOSDEM + Chemnitzer Linuxtag

* Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org> [040107 21:40]:

> I'd also like to get posters from
> http://73lab2.free.fr/debian_posters/ printed which can be sold.  I
> talked to Michael Meskes about this to see if credativ can get them
> printed and I think he said yes but I haven't heard from him for a
> while.  Ideally, we'd get a lot of them printed now because they last
> long, and then we can distribute them at many different events
> (FOSDEM, LinuxTag) and get lower printing costs.  We can also give
> some to developers from various countries at FOSDEM to distribute.
> Debian/ffis can provide funds for this, but it would be great if
> credativ could actually get them done (and delivered).

I have been asked on different events by much visitors, if they could
by posters. If lot of posters get printed and distributed, it would be
nice if we had some at the events, which can be sold to fans.

Yours sincerely,

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