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Re: Proposed Schedule for the Debian Day

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Am Samstag, 14. Juni 2003 14:15 schrieb Martin Schulze:
> That's not a problem anymore since tbm and azeem will arrive in
> Karlsruhe Thursday evening, hence, we're back at the first proposed
> schedule.

Fine - so I won't have to get up too early ;)

> > If I'm allowed I'd like to suggest to combine Alexander Schmehl's talk
> > ("All those nice apt-* tools") and mine since there kind of similar
> > (haven't asked Alexander yet).
> Sure, except Alex would like to give the talk on another day, in which
> case you should coordinate at least.

As Alex said, [1] he'd agree. Unfortunately we didn't manage yet to talk 
about. Anyway, I think this talk is modular enough to integrate Alex theme 
quite seemlessly.

> If you would like to propose a new title for the talk, please let me
> know.  However, please also keep in mind that hte title must not be
> too long or I cannot generate schedules automatically during LinuxTag.

I hope we (Alex and me) will be able to provide the final title in a few days.

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