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Re: Proposed Schedule for the Debian Day

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Am Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2003 15:39 schrieb Martin Michlmayr:
> * Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [2003-06-11 12:29]:
> > 10:00  Martin Michlmayr: State of the Nation
> Michael Banck and I am not sure when we'll on Friday... he might not
> be able to make it before 10:00, so it would be good if our talks were
> in the afternoon.
> How about:
> 10:00  Daniel K. Gebhart: Erfahrungen mit dem Debian-Mentors-Projekt
> 11:00  Daniel Atencio: Backporting und Betrieb eines eigenen Repositories
> 12:00  Martin Loschwitz: BoF: Vorstellung des Debian-Installers
> 13:00  Jörg Wendland: Mass virtual hosting mit Apache und LDAP[1]

I agree with any time given. I just beg you to keep in mind that I don't/won't 
have an opportunity to stay overnight from Thursday to Friday in KA and 
therefore have to deal with approx. 450 km fgA (famous german Autobahn *g*) 
on Friday morning ;) But I'll try to arrive on LT/DebianDay as early as 
possible since I'm insterested in most of the talks.

> 14:00  Martin Michlmayr: State of the Nation
> 15:00  Michael Meskes: Migration of several governmental units to Debian
> 16:00  Michael Banck: Debian Bug Tracking System
> 17:00  Alexander Schmehl: Using make-kpkg

If I'm allowed I'd like to suggest to combine Alexander Schmehl's talk ("All 
those nice apt-* tools") and mine since there kind of similar (haven't asked 
Alexander yet).

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