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Re: Proposed Schedule for the Debian Day

Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> * Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [030611 12:29]:
> > Here's the list of talks that don't fit into the above schedule.
> Sounds like "one and a half Debianday" to mee.

Well, no problem for me.  Most of Thursday has free slots and there
are many free slots on Sunday as well.

> >      * Alexander Schmehl
> >           + All those nice apt-tools
> Well, I'm not realy keen on giving this talk (since I would have to
> read a lot of manpages of tools I didn't used yet), but as I said:
> There are quite nice, which some people (including me) didn't heard of.
> So: Please give me another timeslot. Doesn't matter which one.

You could always organise it as a BoF and just give an introduction
about the tools by naming them (you'd have to compile a list of your
own, of course) and explaining what they do by - tatam - asking the
audience if there is somebody with experience in it.  If there isn't
and you consider it important enough, you could open up the manpage
and browse through it online, then report about what you think how it
works.  You should sort the list of tools by priority, though.

> > Martin Banck already said: Ich fände es schade, wenn der Hurd-Talk
> >     unter den Tisch fallen würde.
> Me too.

Sooo...  Do you think that any of the other talks is less important so
it should be exchanged?



All language designers are arrogant.  Goes with the territory...
	-- Larry Wall

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