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Re: Proposed Schedule for the Debian Day

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [030611 12:29]:

> Here's the list of talks that don't fit into the above schedule.
Sounds like "one and a half Debianday" to mee.

>      * Alexander Schmehl
>           + All those nice apt-tools

Well, I'm not realy keen on giving this talk (since I would have to
read a lot of manpages of tools I didn't used yet), but as I said:
There are quite nice, which some people (including me) didn't heard of.
So: Please give me another timeslot. Doesn't matter which one.

> Martin Banck already said: Ich fände es schade, wenn der Hurd-Talk
>     unter den Tisch fallen würde.
Me too.


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