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Re: Northern Europe travel info

* Enrico Zini <enrico@debian.org> [030611 12:13]:
> Now, I still lack road info for Denmark, Sweden and Norway:

Living and working in Gothenburg I might be able to give you some

>  - Are there toll roads?  If yes, how much do they cost?

There are no toll roads in Sweden. IIRC the same applies for Denmark and
Norway with the exception of the main roads into Oslo itself. There they
charge. Don't know how much though.

>  - Are there crossing fees for some special places?  (bridges,
>    ferries, tunnels, cities, national boundaries...)

There are no fees for crossing the border between Sweden and Norway.

>  - How much do petrol (benzin) and gasoline (diesel) cost per liter?

Petrol, called bensin in swedish, costs about SEK 8.70 to 9.10 per
liter (SEK 9.10 are EUR 1).

>  - What is the best way to cross from Denmark to Norway (or Sweden) ?

That depends... There are ferries from several parts in Denmark to Oslo
or nearby ports.

>  - Is there some crossing route that is both cheap and does not require
>    booking in large advance?

You can drive from Kopenhagen to Oslo (either by using the Öresundsbron
- the bridge between Kopenhagen and Malmö - or the ferry between
Helsingör and Helsingborg via Sweden. I would say it is about a 600

>  - About the Malmö bridge, how much does it cost?  And how much does it
>    cost to arrive in Copenhagen, since it would require taking a ferry
>    to cross the sea to the island where Copenhagen is located?

On http://www.oeresundsbron.com/ you get all the prices for the bridge:
a car starts at EUR 31:-

An alternative might be to use Ryanair from (Frankfurt)-Hahn to Oslo and
avoiding to have to cross entire Germany, Denmark/Sweden...


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