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Northern Europe travel info


In order to organize trips to Oslo, I'm looking for some informations
about traveling in northern Europe.  Here are some questions:

About Denmark, Sweden and Norway:

 - Are there toll roads?  If yes, how much do they cost?
 - Are there crossing fees for some special places?  (bridges,
   ferries, tunnels, cities, national boundaries...)
 - How much do petrol (benzin) and gasoline (diesel) cost per liter?

 - What is the best way to cross from Denmark to Norway (or Sweden) ?
 - Is there some crossing route that is both cheap and does not require
   booking in large advance?
 - About the Malmö bridge, how much does it cost?  And how much does it
   cost to arrive in Copenhagen, since it would require taking a ferry
   to cross the sea to the island where Copenhagen is located?

About Germany:

 - I heard of a Deutsche Bahn Schönste Wochenende Ticket that offers
   miracle fares when travelling during the week end.  Could someone
   give more info, like:
    - How much does it cost
    - Where do you buy it
    - What can you do with it
    - How many people can travel with it
    - What is its range of validity
    - What people do usually use it for

 From the voices I heard about it it would be worth considering buying
such a ticket in group to move from Karlsruhe to Kiel and then cross by
ferry without a car.

I'd be grateful for any useful informations you might be able to give



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