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[LT Infomail#2] Booths, Network, Insurance - Debian

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Booth Planning

   Since the date of LinuxTag gets closer and closer it also becomes
   more important for me to be able to assign booths for the projects
   and finalise the exhibition more or less. In order to do this, I
   need appropriate input on what you plan to do with and at the
   booth. Most important for me is what kind of equipment are you
   planning to use, how much space it needs, and how many project
   members will likely staff the booth daily.

   Hence, please add all the current plans for your booth as comments
   to the projects [38]interface and also add missing booth staff
   members. From the list of booth staff I'll compile the number of
   exhibitor tickets later.

   The projects frontend is the only location for such comments and
   plans which ensures that I won't forget about them when I do the
   calculation and assignments.

2. Booth Equipment

   Some people seem to wonder about power for the booth. It will be
   provided by us. However, you'll need to take extension cords and
   power multiplier sockets with your. We can't provide them in an
   appropriate number for all projects. If you use a cable drum,
   please make sure not to connect any computers or monitors to it
   unless you've rolled off all the cable. Otherwise you will probably
   learn about the magic of electricity when things blow up.

3. Exhibition Network

   This year the main exhibition network will be distributed through
   WLAN. Hence, for each booth (or booth compound) there needs to be
   at least one device that connects the inter-booth-lan to the wlan

   Since those ports that will most likely be used to deliver
   non-encrypted passwords (like telnet, pop3, imap etc.) will be
   blocked during LinuxTag, please prepare yourself to this
   scenario. The LinuxTag team will most probably produce an FAQ
   covering the network later.

4. Insurrance

   I don't think that there will be any sort of extra insurance bought
   for LinuxTag. Hence, you should be very careful with the equipment
   you are going to use. If breaks, it's broken.



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