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LinuxTag -> Debcamp/Debconf car trip.


I am going to attend both LinuxTag and Debconf, furthermore, i am going
to go from LinuxTag to Debcamp by car. I will leave Karlsruhe to
Frederiskavhn or Hirstals by car, and then take the ferry to oslo there
or something such. My car is a peugeot 306, but not a diesel, and the
trip would be 1000 to 1200 km per car, so i expect to use two full
tanks, or around 100 Euros gazoline. Furthermore, the ferry should cost
175 Euros per car (upto 5 persons). 4 can travel confortabily but 5
people would be ok too.

On the way back, i will be able to go only upto Bremen or Hannover or
thereabout though.

So, if anyone is interested, please tell me, so we can plan this out, i
think i have already one place occupied though.


Sven Luther

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