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Re: LinuxTag - 2003

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 02:31:51PM +0200, Martin Loschwitz wrote:
> I thought about how these nameplates would look if the Debian swirl
> was on the left instead of the right side, thanks goes to Joern
> Heissler for changing the .tex-file to make it look that way (see
> atachment, comments welcome).

You get problems with long names, fabbione's seems to be off-limits for
example. Setting the full name right-adjusted would look quite dull, too
I guess. So apart from the psychological reasons Joey mentioned, I guess
having the swirl on the right is better.

Two other small things:

1. the debian corporate cards have 'Debian GNU/Linux Developer' typeset
in small-caps fonts, perhaps also typeset 'Debian Projekt' in small

2. How about 'Debian Project' instead of 'Debian Projekt' to make those
badges a bit more international? I'd keep mine for other, perhaps
international, events if possible.


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