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LinuxTag 2003 - Ports Booth


I just bought an Apple PowerBook G4 12" and successfully installed sid
on it, I would love to show it in the ports section of the debian booth
this year.
However, this is my first and only notebook so I would have to use it
from time to time (probably even take it with me for some time).
Additionally, I am a LinuxTag Supporter so I won't be able to be there
all the time to watch the PowerBook.. I'll try to leave it at the booth
though if you watch it for me :)

Things that aren't working yet:
- Nvidia doesn't have a driver for ppc so bzflag and 3D stuff isn't so
much fun
- no power management
- with 2.4.20-benh10 the console is limited to 80x30 chars and isn't
propperly redrawing here either
- Airport Extreme (that is 802.11g, 54Mbit/s WLAN) card has no drivers
for that reason I don't have one
- external monitor (vga, tv-adapter)

I'll install patches, improvements and additional drivers if/when

Things I got working:
- Sound
- X
- DVD playback works pretty fine, some stutteringly sometimes (same goes
for divx and stuff) -- we should need some css-free dvd, probably some
trailer thing..

Things I couldn't test:
- FireWire (is told to be working but I don't have any devices yet)
- BlueTooth (same goes for this one)

Tell me what you think, what I should add, install..


Linux on a PB12":
Apple PowerBook G4 12":

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