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Re: Debian Day @ LinuxTag 2003

On Sat, 24 May 2003, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I believe we should increase speed with planning our LinuxTag presense.

I agree. we have less than 2 months to be up and running.

> We have been offered nine talks by seven people for the Debian Day.
> There have been very little requests for topics though, hence, I
> wonder if people are interested in a one day mini Debian conference
> during LinuxTag at all.

I am still interested in having the talk. If you need the slides for
review i plan to have them ready approx. in 20 days from now.

> Assuming there is interest in such a conference, I hereby propose to
> hold the Debian conference on Friday, July 11th, so that those people
> who would like to attend LSM as well, can attend it for two days at
> least.

Fine for me.

> There won't be a keysigning party at the end of the Debian Day, since
> weasel maintains a general keysigning party which will be held on
> Saturday[1], so there is no need for a second one.

afaik weasel only announced the keysigning party only for DebConf3 [1].
It would be a good idea to prepare the same for LT considering that there
might be much more people involved.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2003/debian-devel-announce-200305/msg00011.html

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