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Re: Debian Day @ LinuxTag 2003

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> > We have been offered nine talks by seven people for the Debian Day.
> > There have been very little requests for topics though, hence, I
> > wonder if people are interested in a one day mini Debian conference
> > during LinuxTag at all.
> I am still interested in having the talk. If you need the slides for
> review i plan to have them ready approx. in 20 days from now.

It would be perfect if the slides would be online before the
conference and we could already link to them.

Once a talk is accepted, I'd like all speakers to submit a short
abstract, that will be referenced from the schedule page[1], so people
actually know what the speaker ist talking about.  See the keysigning
workshop for example, which already provides such an abstract.

> > There won't be a keysigning party at the end of the Debian Day, since
> > weasel maintains a general keysigning party which will be held on
> > Saturday[1], so there is no need for a second one.
> afaik weasel only announced the keysigning party only for DebConf3 [1].

He also told me that he's working on the same for LinuxTag, and has
things set up already.  He was the first reserving a workshop room,

> It would be a good idea to prepare the same for LT considering that there
> might be much more people involved.

Already done.

 1. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2003/workshops.php3



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