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Re: LinuxWochen.at 5th - 7th June, Vienna, Austria

* Dennis Stampfer <seppy@debian.org> [2003-05-18 18:24]:
> Well, I can't print posters, but I have access to a plotter which cuts
> plastic foil.  On every cut, the machine produces about 10cm scrap which
> normally goes to trash.  So I could cut Debian stickers out of these
> 10cm.
> Maybe you can use them to mark machines as a "Debian machine".  See
> [0]here.

 Way cool, yes! Can you send some over? My address is in the db. Do you
need some money sent back for it or can I give them away for a small

> Of course, I can cut a few [1]swirls or things up to about 30x??cm.
> (from non-scrap)
> This is not only possible for "Linux Wochen".

 Could you maybe submit a patch for the events/material[2] page? That
would be really cool, so your offer doesn't get lost.

 Have fun,
[2] <http://www.debian.org/events/material> [3]
[3] Used [2] because there is quoted text with [0] and [1] that I don't
    want to interfere with ;)
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