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LinuxWochen.at 5th - 7th June, Vienna, Austria

	Hi there!

 It's not far away anymore, and I still haven't written much yet. I'm
much sorry for that.

 We will be able to get a quite large area (I was told about three to
four tables for the first day and two additional for the last two days)
-- I'm not sure though how large they are currently.

 So we have place for plenty of hardware. What will the people be able
to bring? I personally just have my not-that-well-anymore compaq
notebook, but some special hardware would be of course prefered.

 Connectivity will be available as will be power supply. We should bring
a switch and terminal blocks on our own, to be on the save side. Also we
will need some clothing for the tables, there won't be any.

 I currently have some (around 30) flyers in german/english language,
we could need some more. There is one poster around, if one has some to
spare or is able to print in the size of A2 please contact me so they
can be transfered on time.

 If someone has some shirts to sell (or even like to produce some) it
would be nice, too. The ones we had last year were truly appreciated.

 Ah yes, one printer would be nice. I can organize it from somewhere
else too, if one of you can offer one it would be nice, though.

 Please add you to this list if you like to help. If you don't have
anything else to add than just your name please do it offlist, thanks.

             5. 6. 7.
Alfie        X  X  X

 Thanks, and I hope it isn't to late to start now.

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