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Re: LinuxWochen.at 5th - 7th June, Vienna, Austria


On Sat, May 17, 2003 at 08:40:03PM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  We will be able to get a quite large area (I was told about three to
> four tables for the first day and two additional for the last two days)
> -- I'm not sure though how large they are currently.

That's quite nice.

>  So we have place for plenty of hardware. What will the people be able
> to bring? I personally just have my not-that-well-anymore compaq
> notebook, but some special hardware would be of course prefered.

I can bring along my powerpc notebook and a sun station 4 (iirc). So we
would have powerpc, sparc and ix86. I have no keyboard/monitor for the
sun - has anyone of you a serial terminal available for vienna?

>  I currently have some (around 30) flyers in german/english language,
> we could need some more. There is one poster around, if one has some to
> spare or is able to print in the size of A2 please contact me so they
> can be transfered on time.

If things work well we have += 300 Flyer and two A1 (or A2) poster.

>  If someone has some shirts to sell (or even like to produce some) it
> would be nice, too. The ones we had last year were truly appreciated.

Ask Gorden Fraser for it - the problem is that we will need some money
to print them.

>              5. 6. 7.
> ======================
> Alfie        X  X  X
  CHS	       ?  ?  X

>  Thanks, and I hope it isn't to late to start now.
It's never to laite :)


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