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Re: proposal for LT2003 (first draft)

* Fabio Massimo Di Nitto <fabbione@fabbione.net> [030410 19:21]:

> - - 1 box (or more if possible) dedicated for kids where they can play
> - - N different archs.

- - One machine, where you can show Debian Installations. If people come,
telling you, that they would like to change to Debian are afraid of the
installation process, tell them to sit down, erase the disk, and let
them install a small System.

Of course this machine should have any traps (e.g. graphic adaprot not
supported by stables xfree), and it should be to slow (since not even a
patient visitor will stay longer than ... lets say one half hour).

> - - 2 "eyes catcher"
This usally works very well for "eye catching".


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