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proposal for LT2003 (first draft)

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Hi all,
	here is a proposal of things that we could show at LinuxTag plus
some suggestions.

I took the freedom to replace "demonstrate" with "show" from the original
question made by Martin because I personally believe that whatever we will
show it will prove what and how good Debian is.

Of course comments and other ideas are welcome. Please send them to the
list or to me. I will care to collect and forward them to Martin that will
put everything on the web at:


My idea is to have people ready with "tasks" and configs before the LT
will take place. Setting up stuff directly there can be a problem because
of lack of time, missing network connections from where to download that
1K lib you forgot and that of course is not in any CD in a range of

Taking into account that we don't know exactly:

- - how much space we will have
- - how many person will be presenting things
- - which hardware will be available
- - network (intra/internet) capacity
- - which kind of audience will be there
- - which will be the status of sarge/debian-installer in july
  (see below and please don't fork a release war over here)

I propose the following for the general audience:

- - 2 "eyes catcher"
  that from what I saw at HCT and FOSDEM, they attract a lot of people.
  (use common archs for this task, like i386, because people might not
   really notice or appreciate the difference with what they usually have
   at home).
  Ideally they should run on big screens but I also noticed that people
  were surprised to see things working smoothly on laptops. What we did
  was just showing some video files at the same time xmms was running with
  some visualization plugins on one machine, and on the other we were
  streaming from a local webcam to the other boxes in the local net
  (unfortunatly the stream to the internet didn't work due to the very
   very low quality of the wireless connection).
  Choose carefully which kind of video you will show, both for copyrights
  and audience reasons (there might be kids around and showing people that
  get eaten by aliens is not a good idea), and don't turn on the audio on
  xmms so that whatever source you will us we will not have to worry about
  local copyright payment or otherwise just use one of the many internet
  radios if you have a small home theater connected to your box ;)

- - 1 box (or more if possible) dedicated for kids where they can play with
  games from the DebianEDU project is a must. Even with "geeks" show up
  with wives and children.

- - N different archs.
  Of course having a lot different archs would be nice but take into
  account what you can really show with them (specially if they are a bit
  For this reason I suggest to use the "slower" ones as workstation. For
  sure people will ask if they can read their emails or to get access to
  the net.
  The "faster" ones can be use to show things on demand and answers to
  users/people questions.

  It is a good idea to add to your systems a user demo/demo with 0
  privileges that can be used with no problems by everyone and that you
  can wipe out easily.
  Take this seriously into account specially if Russell will show up with
  his SE Linux toy :-)

For more skilled people we can show on a regular base (for example twice
a day):

woody -> sarge upgrade
and it will be very usefull to have a local mirror with just i386 from
where to upgrade if the network will not be good enough.

demo for debian-installer (according to its status)
or the installation process for stable.

debianization process for pkg foo

I personally think that we should push a bit more it's usage as a global
reference. I did notice during the time the most of the people (me
included) keep asking question that easily find an answer on the web. Of
course digging into it will bring up tons of arguments open for
discussions (BTS, mailing lists, developer documentation, nm process, sub
projects, etc...)

In general do not forget that you might get bombed by people asking
questions or help and some of these tasks can be really time consuming so
i think scheduling too many things to show is not a good idea. Instead it
will be nice to have more than person on each task so that we can plan
turn arounds for breaks and/or conferences and so on.


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