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Re: proposal for LT2003 (first draft)

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Karsten Merker wrote:

> > - - 1 box (or more if possible) dedicated for kids where they can play with
> >   games from the DebianEDU project is a must. Even with "geeks" show up
> >   with wives and children.
> This might pose a problem due to a current change in German law regarding
> the presentation of games to minors without prior age rating done by
> government officials or related organizations. We are not yet sure in how
> far the games in Debian are really affected by that, but at least it
> is something to keep in mind.

Yes I am aware of this, but I do seriously believe that if we use very
very simple games like "paint the circle" (just an exageration of course)
we will not encounter any problem. Do not forget anyway that kids will not
be alone over there.

Anyway in the worst case in which we cannot let kids play we can spend a
few emails trying to get permission to show cartoons or something like
that of we don't have already something for free on the net...


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