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Re: LinuxTag Presence

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Who would like to organize the booth at this year's LinuxTag in July?
I'll be there from 9.7. evening to 11.7. right after my talk in the
official program
I have to leave than because I start my trip to Norway with my family
to meet you all again in Oslo.

> Who would like to work on a debconf aka Debian Day?
If it is at 10.7. - for sure I'll be there.

> Who would like to give a talk during Debian Day?
Perhaps something about the relation between Debian and Knoppix.

> Who want to think about what is useful to demonstrate at the booth?
Do we have anything useful to present??? ;-)

> Who wants to staff the booth?
For the time I'll be there of course.

> Who wants to contribute with machines?
Just my Laptop.

Kind regards

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