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Re: Urgent: HCT 2003

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> > So on Thursday there should be enough people to set up and maintain the
> > booth.  What about machines and other equipment?  Is everything in
> > place?  Is everybody taking enough power chords, power expanders,
> > network cables and hubs/switches with him?
> Do you have the same powercords/adapter we have in dk???
> stupid question but an aswer will simplify a lot my life :-)


We call them Schuko, check out google, click on the Images-Search and
enter "Schuko", that gave me a page full of proper pictures of the
type of power jacks.  Somebody gave me this URL, which seems to imply
that the Danish variant seems to be the same as the German.

> > The above lists 5 machines, but Fabio, Gromit and me will probably
> > take a laptop with us, so we need at least 8 ports.  Since large
> > network cables are not too common, I'd suggest the booth uses an own
> > switch/hub to connect to the NMMN network so we can use smaller
> > cables.
> I can take some cables and the c2924 (26 ports) but i won't be there
> before friday. Otherwise someone must tell me asap where i can send them
> via DHL/UPS or whatever and i can ship them on monday. They should arrive
> before thursday. I might be able to bring 2 laptops. not sure yet since
> one is only half working.

I really wonder how you will manage to transport all this via train.

> > For the WLAN station, I'd say it would be fun and Gromit could
> > demonstrate how it works with an iBook, but that would only be an
> > extra attraction and not a required one.  So, if you have some place
> > left, Fabio, please take the WLAN station with you.
> No problem. If someone can provide me technical details of the network
> setup i can preconfigure the network equipment to avoid problems at the
> booth.

I guess it'll be easier if you ask Wolfgang when you're settled down
at the booth.

> > Anything left for me to check?
> keysigning?? ;)

Isn't that mandatory?  Check out http://www.debian.org/events/keysigning

> PS I suggest to organize evenings and dinners directly there. also because
> i espect most of us staying in different places of the city...

That's ok, but will fail horribly to coordinate with local people -
proven last year.  But... others need to work on this part, not me.



We all know Linux is great... it does infinite loops in 5 seconds.
        -- Linus Torvalds

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