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Urgent: HCT 2003

I guess, it's high-time to check if everything is in place for the
booth at the HCT starting on Thursday (if I'm not mistaken).

I need to apologize that I repond this late, but I'm under high
pressure with only little time left, and I had also hoped somebody
else would to the coordination.

The current staff list lists the following people:

            Name            Country  ZIP    City       Hardware     Booth
 Andreas Müller               DE    50xxx Köln      Powerbook, PS/2 Do-So
 Ayman 'XSnack' Negm          DE    20xxx Hamburg     2x Desktop    Do-So
 Fabio Massimo Di Nitto       IT                                    Do-So
 Jan-Hendrik 'Gromit' Palic   DE    24xxx Kiel           Indy       Do-So
 Martin 'Joey' Schulze        DE    26xxx Oldenburg                  So

So on Thursday there should be enough people to set up and maintain the
booth.  What about machines and other equipment?  Is everything in
place?  Is everybody taking enough power chords, power expanders,
network cables and hubs/switches with him?

The above lists 5 machines, but Fabio, Gromit and me will probably
take a laptop with us, so we need at least 8 ports.  Since large
network cables are not too common, I'd suggest the booth uses an own
switch/hub to connect to the NMMN network so we can use smaller

I hope there are at least two large monitors that can be hooked to
the desktop machines.  We will probably need one machine and monitor
as general attraction box (code name ``eye catcher'') that runs some
cool application (like bb, some fancy xmms plugin, eRich's Debian
animation, or some other graphical demo like xscreensavers etc.).  It
should demonstrate *only* Free software.

The second machine and monitor should be used to demonstrate certain
parts to the Debian system.  A cool window-manager + setup is
mandatory and Free applications should be demonstrated.  Last year
falky tried to setup the new vegastrike, so that may still be an

Fabio offered to take a hub and two switches with him.  Currently,
especially since nobody else offered network equipment, I'd like him
to take one switch with him if that's possible.

For the WLAN station, I'd say it would be fun and Gromit could
demonstrate how it works with an iBook, but that would only be an
extra attraction and not a required one.  So, if you have some place
left, Fabio, please take the WLAN station with you.

For the evening, it would be a good idea to plan if/when/where to go
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in order to gather with more Debian
and Free Software people.  For example, there are some more Debian
developers living in Hamburg, some LinuxTag staff is there and last
but not least Georg Greve from the FSF(E) is also located in HH.
Hence, dinner with friends sound appropriate.  This year I can't
afford attending, though.

For entrance, I guess that when I arrive, I can phone Gromit so he
picks me up at the entrance if the entrance people don't know me.  For
Fabio, I guess that it would be the easiest if he received Gromit's
cell phone number (if he hasn't negotiated with Wolfgang yet).

Anything left for me to check?



The MS-DOS filesystem is nice for removable media.  -- H. Peter Anvin

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