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Re: Urgent: HCT 2003

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On Sat, 18 Jan 2003, Martin Schulze wrote:

> I guess, it's high-time to check if everything is in place for the
> booth at the HCT starting on Thursday (if I'm not mistaken).

Definitly a perfect idea :-)

> So on Thursday there should be enough people to set up and maintain the
> booth.  What about machines and other equipment?  Is everything in
> place?  Is everybody taking enough power chords, power expanders,
> network cables and hubs/switches with him?

Do you have the same powercords/adapter we have in dk???
stupid question but an aswer will simplify a lot my life :-)

> The above lists 5 machines, but Fabio, Gromit and me will probably
> take a laptop with us, so we need at least 8 ports.  Since large
> network cables are not too common, I'd suggest the booth uses an own
> switch/hub to connect to the NMMN network so we can use smaller
> cables.

I can take some cables and the c2924 (26 ports) but i won't be there
before friday. Otherwise someone must tell me asap where i can send them
via DHL/UPS or whatever and i can ship them on monday. They should arrive
before thursday. I might be able to bring 2 laptops. not sure yet since
one is only half working.

> Fabio offered to take a hub and two switches with him.  Currently,
> especially since nobody else offered network equipment, I'd like him
> to take one switch with him if that's possible.

no problems at all.

> For the WLAN station, I'd say it would be fun and Gromit could
> demonstrate how it works with an iBook, but that would only be an
> extra attraction and not a required one.  So, if you have some place
> left, Fabio, please take the WLAN station with you.

No problem. If someone can provide me technical details of the network
setup i can preconfigure the network equipment to avoid problems at the

PS even if thursday I will not be there I can provide you IPv6
connectivity if not already there. So please mail me in case someone wants
it and I will do that on the fly otherwise I will connect it on friday.

> For entrance, I guess that when I arrive, I can phone Gromit so he
> picks me up at the entrance if the entrance people don't know me.  For
> Fabio, I guess that it would be the easiest if he received Gromit's
> cell phone number (if he hasn't negotiated with Wolfgang yet).

Thanks i did got the phone number. I will call him during this week to be
sure everything is in place.

> Anything left for me to check?

keysigning?? ;)


PS I suggest to organize evenings and dinners directly there. also because
i espect most of us staying in different places of the city...
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