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Re: Urgent: HCT 2003


On Sat, Jan 18, 2003 at 09:10:36PM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
>The current staff list lists the following people:
>            Name            Country  ZIP    City       Hardware     Booth
> Andreas Müller               DE    50xxx Köln      Powerbook, PS/2 Do-So
> Ayman 'XSnack' Negm          DE    20xxx Hamburg     2x Desktop    Do-So
> Fabio Massimo Di Nitto       IT                                    Do-So
> Jan-Hendrik 'Gromit' Palic   DE    24xxx Kiel           Indy       Do-So

Jan-Hendrik 'Gromit' Palic   DE    24xxx Kiel          Indy/IBook2   Fi-So
I only get free from my work on friday. I will arrive Hamburg on
thursday evening, so I am at HCT on friday morning.

> Martin 'Joey' Schulze        DE    26xxx Oldenburg                  So

>So on Thursday there should be enough people to set up and maintain the
>booth.  What about machines and other equipment?  Is everything in
>place?  Is everybody taking enough power chords, power expanders,
>network cables and hubs/switches with him?

TCP/IP Cable an powercables are brought with me for my computers. 
Is there anyone, who can provide a monitor with sync-on-green? 
It would be fine to have an indy with monitor .. :)

>The above lists 5 machines, but Fabio, Gromit and me will probably
>take a laptop with us, so we need at least 8 ports.  Since large
>network cables are not too common, I'd suggest the booth uses an own
>switch/hub to connect to the NMMN network so we can use smaller

Do we have such a switch already? Should I brovide one from my work?
.o0(I have to reread fabios mail)

>I hope there are at least two large monitors that can be hooked to
>the desktop machines.  We will probably need one machine and monitor
>as general attraction box (code name ``eye catcher'') that runs some
>cool application (like bb, some fancy xmms plugin, eRich's Debian
>animation, or some other graphical demo like xscreensavers etc.).  It
>should demonstrate *only* Free software.

*yeah* Gnome2/KDE would be nice .. 

>The second machine and monitor should be used to demonstrate certain
>parts to the Debian system.  A cool window-manager + setup is
>mandatory and Free applications should be demonstrated.  Last year
>falky tried to setup the new vegastrike, so that may still be an

yes .. tuxracer would be a good Eyecatcher too :)

>Fabio offered to take a hub and two switches with him.  Currently,
>especially since nobody else offered network equipment, I'd like him
>to take one switch with him if that's possible.

ok .... 

>For the WLAN station, I'd say it would be fun and Gromit could
>demonstrate how it works with an iBook, but that would only be an
>extra attraction and not a required one.  So, if you have some place
>left, Fabio, please take the WLAN station with you.

Oh fabio .. please take it with you :)))
Andreas Mueller and me have Airportcards. So .. we should demonstrate
something like that ... 
My vlan is working and ready :)

>For the evening, it would be a good idea to plan if/when/where to go
>on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in order to gather with more Debian
>and Free Software people.  For example, there are some more Debian
>developers living in Hamburg, some LinuxTag staff is there and last
>but not least Georg Greve from the FSF(E) is also located in HH.

Hmmm Georg .. nice nice .. who is living in Hamburg too?
I would try to get the poeple together for one evening .. 
I would suggest on friday?

>Hence, dinner with friends sound appropriate.  This year I can't
>afford attending, though.
>For entrance, I guess that when I arrive, I can phone Gromit so he
>picks me up at the entrance if the entrance people don't know me.  For
>Fabio, I guess that it would be the easiest if he received Gromit's
>cell phone number (if he hasn't negotiated with Wolfgang yet).

Yes .. everyone, who need my number, please mail me ... 
But I am at the booth on friday ;)

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