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Re: Linux World Expo and Conference

On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 12:41:50AM +0200, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> * Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> [020617 22:50]:
> > > - I think we can solve the problem, to sleep somewhere, in the next
> > >   month. I heard recently, there is a youth hostel near to the city and
> > >   the fair hall

> > Would be nice to have a place somewhere there.
> > Im living near to FFM (only 1hour with a train), but 2 hours train
> > every day? Bah. :)

I may be able to provide accomodation for 1-2 people, subject to my wife's
approval :)

> > Hardware!
> If I know the size of the booth, we can start thinking of hardware. I'm
> offering my i386 (athlon 600, 17" CRT), but I have no car, and I don't
> think, bringing it bit by bit with tram is funy ;)
I have a car and could bring 2 21" monitors too.

> But as far as I know the free projects are in a somehow separated
> pavillion. Chris told me, that they havn't been very busy last year,
> and joey told me, that the number might be incorect by a factor of 10.

Last year, the pavillion was at the furthest end from the entrance, so not
everyone got that far.  And, it all looked fairly boring.  I walked through
and there were almost no people around, and no visitors looking interested.
It didn't help that there didn't seem to be many people manning the booths.
I remember 2 people sitting at the KDE booth, but the others were empty or
one person looking bored.

But in other areas there was a lot going on so its just a case of getting
them to come over.  The area wasn't seperated as such - just at the back
corner of the large hall.


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