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Re: Linux World Expo and Conference

* Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> [020617 22:50]:

> > - I think we can solve the problem, to sleep somewhere, in the next
> >   month. I heard recently, there is a youth hostel near to the city and
> >   the fair hall
> Would be nice to have a place somewhere there.
> Im living near to FFM (only 1hour with a train), but 2 hours train
> every day? Bah. :)

I will try to get to one of the meetings of the local user group.
Perhaps we can contact the other free projects, and try to get
something similar to the AKK in Karlsruhe.
But while taking a view at the present list of exibitors, I'm afraid
there won't be many (just seen KDE, LIVE, Pro-Linux and WINE).

> > - As far as I know, thats all. Sounds a little bit like a 'come like
> >   you are' event, but we have a couple of month to organize a bit more
> CD's? :)
Feel free to estimate, how much LT Disks will be left in october. I
realy hope, that woody will be realesed in the next four months, so we
had to bite of the yellow 'untestet BETA!' ;)

> T-Shirts!
btw, Joey, I sold 4 morons.
So we have 6 T-Shirts left in Frankfurt ;)

> Hardware!
As I said: Current status is a "come like you are"-event (Was heisst
"Komm-wie-du-gerade-bist-Party auf Englisch?).
If I know the size of the booth, we can start thinking of hardware. I'm
offering my i386 (athlon 600, 17" CRT), but I have no car, and I don't
think, bringing it bit by bit with tram is funy ;)

> Posters.
I took some of the Posters we used at LT with me for the Linux@Work. We
- The coloured Debeloper Map, 
- a poster about the Heidelberg Linux cluster, and 
- one of the posters with the big swirl

I think the abstract poster about the debian project itself has been
send to austria? Would be fine to have one of them, too. Lets discuss
this again, if we know the size of the booth.

> Flyers.

My biggest current problem is, that I can't estimate how much visitors
we could expect. The fair organisation counted 13e3 last year (and I
think Michael certified this number).
But as far as I know the free projects are in a somehow separated
pavillion. Chris told me, that they havn't been very busy last year,
and joey told me, that the number might be incorect by a factor of 10.
(correct me or my english, if I got or told something wrong).



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