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Linux World Expo and Conference (was: review: Linux@Work Frankfurt)

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [020617 09:44]:

> Sounds successful, thanks for running the booth.
You are welcome.

> > One final point: They handed out some advertissment for the LinuxWorld
> > Expo in Frankfurt at the end of october. As Michael Meskes told me,
> > Debian could get a booth, [..]
> Nice to hear.  If somebody goes to LWE, please take some pictures.

Sorry, didn't read mail the last days often.

The current Status is:
- I will try to organize a booth for the Linux World Exposition and
  Conference held in Frankfurt from Tuesday the 29th to 31st of october

- Since this is the first event of this kind, any help by this list
  will be gladly accepted

- Christian Kurz is going to contact Antje Kaeppel, which is the
  responsible person of the fair organisation, to get a booth

- they expect 14e3 visitors

- Chris Halls offered help managing the booth, but does not know, if he
  is avaible all three days.

- Joerg Jaspert said, that he might show in sometime

- I think we can solve the problem, to sleep somewhere, in the next
  month. I heard recently, there is a youth hostel near to the city and
  the fair hall

- I have no camera, so someone else should take some pictures

- As far as I know, thats all. Sounds a little bit like a 'come like
  you are' event, but we have a couple of month to organize a bit more
- feel free to offer help or give me some hints 



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