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review: Linux@Work Frankfurt

Good morning,

(just some unsorted points, which might be interessting for the
linux@work in other cities)

- We were not allowed to pin or cleave Posters on the walls. Beeing
  distracted by the LT, we missed to ask for a kind of stand for our
  posters. Alltgough we finally got one in the morning, it took a lot
  of time to get it.

- I brought some of the "Morons!"-T-Shirst from the LT, but we were
  unable to sell them. As mentioned before, it is an business congress,
  so the few geekish folk, that appeared, fled very soon.

- We were the only booth from a Linux distribution, so we needed to
  handle the question from Debian interessted AND the request from
  people, who barely know, what Linux. Allthough we were 3, we were
  very busy handling all the questions. Keep in mind, that most people
  will come in the pauses between the notes.

- The "booth" was very small, we had only one table, which could care
  two notebooks and some flyers.

- I can't say how much visitors we had.
  I think nearly every visitor got an LT CD and Michael took 1/3 of his
  box of CD's back. And If I remember correct, a box contained 125
  CD's, so realy raw guess would be about 85 Visitors.
  Hmmm, coming nearly direct from LT that sounds quite small. Chris,
  Michael: Feel free to correct me.
- Did I mention, that food and drink was for free?

One final point: They handed out some advertissment for the LinuxWorld
Expo in Frankfurt at the end of october. As Michael Meskes told me,
Debian could get a booth, and I'm willing to help, but I will spend
much time in september and october for the orientation week for our new
students, so I would be pleased, if we could plan it early.

Thanks to Chris Hall, for arriving at the booth out of the blue. I
think your german is realy better than my english. 



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