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Re: LT review...

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> >> Ask the Projects if they need tickets and how much and then pay for
> >> this (two or three days before LT starts, so most people really know
> >> they are going to the LT and order one then. Probably "order" via
> >> Webinterface like the one for the Gym Hall/Barbecue for this LT).
> > Haha!  From my experience, I won't get proper results, and apart from
> > that three days in advance is not enough.
> Then ask if all people with one of this "Austeller Ausweis" could
> travel for free. One letter to them and (if possible) a little Text
> like "With this pass you can travel for free in the S-Bahn" on the pass.

That's only possible if one pays for it.  Currently, exhibitor tickets
are handed out gratis, so that's not an option.

We'll see if somebody from the KaLUG has a proper contact.



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