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Re: LT review...

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> > Problem is: What does S-Bahn gain from sponsoring LinuxTag?
> > It's not that there are tons of Karlsruhe people who are
> > going to make more use of the tram in Karlsruhe after the
> > event, so they get real money for their sponsoring.
> Yes. They probably wont earn much of it. Just a little "Hey they are
> cool" from the People at the LT. And a logo on the LT somewhere (if
> possible).

That's not possible.  We can't put their logo somewhere for sponsoring
something similar to EUR 600 while other companies have to actualley
*pay* EUR 10,000 for that.

> > Sure we can ask them, but what can we give them?  Without being
> > able to provide something to them, they won't give something to
> > us, I'm pretty sure.
> Mention them as a sponsor. Not much, but why not ask? They can only say
> no. :)

They'd have to pay a lot more to be accepted as sponsor.  We can't
provide sponsor space like that, it would make real sponsors angry,
and they do actually pay for the booths for the projects.

> > As for reduced tickets, that may be more realistic, but it
> > would probably require somebody to purchase some 300 one-way
> > tickets and resell them - who's going to take that risk?
> > From my experience with free projects at LinuxTag, it's very
> > dangerous for me to assume that nnn tickets will be required,
> > the chance of not using them, but me having to pay for them
> > is too high.
> Ask the Projects if they need tickets and how much and then pay for
> this (two or three days before LT starts, so most people really know
> they are going to the LT and order one then. Probably "order" via
> Webinterface like the one for the Gym Hall/Barbecue for this LT).

Haha!  From my experience, I won't get proper results, and apart from
that three days in advance is not enough.

I just want to let you know that, even while the situation with the
social event was public for quite a while, about 30 people still
didn't manage to hit the proper button to get a ticket reserved.

Do you really believe it'll work better with tram tickets?

> Everyone who ordered one must pay for it. If he uses it or not.

Ok, are you going to purchase the tickets from your own pociet and
find the person who has to pay for it to reimburse your costs?

> Before that ask the S-Bahn that you expect between X and Y Tickets, how
> much does it cost...


> > What did a one-way ticket cost anyway?
> 1.90?

(* 60 4 1.90) = 456.0 EUR
(* 50 4 1.90) = 380.0 EUR

I don't really believe that's worth my time when there are more
imporant things to do.



There are lies, statistics and benchmarks.

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