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Re: LT review...

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002 11:00, Michael Bramer wrote:
>  - DebianDay
>    I can't say something about this day. I was not in karlsruhe..

I think that it should have been more integrated with the main LinuxTag and 
had it's program published.  Also it should have been on the day before (the 
same time as the boring business day) and not conflict with other technical 
talks that Debian people would want to see.

>    - we don't follow the time table. Or better some debian develeopers
>      don't follow it. The first day, we have only some (2-3) debian

When I was there at 12:00 (my scheduled time) there was no reserved time for 
me, there was no-one to announce that it's time for my demo, etc.  So I would 
just hang out there whenever I had nothing else to do.

>  - LinuxNacht (SocialEvent)
>    - Ok the show was ok, but the food and drink was last year better.
>      to joey: please choose next year a other place ...

I think it was good, the museum was really good.  The food was pretty average 
but the museum made up for it.

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