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Re: LT review...

Michael Bramer <grisu@debian.org> writes:

>  - Debian Booth
>    - the beamer was a big pro

Yes. VERY good eyecatcher if connected PC is unused (bb works! :) ),
very good Demonstration Point.

>    - we don't follow the time table. Or better some debian develeopers
>      don't follow it. The first day, we have only some (2-3) debian
>      people on the booth and we have only some visitors. The booth was
>      empty and I don't like this..
>      After some hours Andreas and I move from the backstage to the booth
>      and IMHO the next days the booth was better. Also Jörg was all the
>      time on the booth.

Mostly yes. :)
But i dont see a big problem here. We had the "Hacking Center" behind
the booth (we should try to have free space behind the booth in the
next year again), so everyone with a laptop could read Email from
there. The PCs on the booth are available for the Booth and Visitors to
see something all the time, no DD reading Email there.

I dont think we need shifts next year. It works without and this year
there are some people on the booth without a shift. We only need one
who is the Boothmaster, just in case it really gets to big and we need
to send some DD off the booth.

>    - we don't make our shows... I don't know the problem, but nobody
>      make his shows. Only Jörg show some full installations on
>      request.

I think its better this way (on request). We just need some paper on
the booth showing the User what he can request. :)

Another suggestion, from one of the FSF Guys, talked with him yesterday:
Joey: Ask the Town/Company/Whatever from the "S-Bahn" if you can get
them "sponsoring" the Linuxtag with free Tickets for the
Booth-People. If not free then very very cheap tickets.

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