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Re: LT review...

On Sat, 15 Jun 2002, Martin Schulze wrote:

> It was announced publically.  The schedule was available from the
> Debian pages and it was on the LinuxTag pages.  Well, it didn't say
> Debian day, but it was mentioned that the Debian day was on Friday
> (iirc).
When I wrote publically I ment: "Announce it on the entrance written on
paper."  There are surely people browsing the web before entering LT,
but I would love to see a *complete* timetable of *all* talks on
central places.  MOreover a timetable of the talks of every room should
be placed at or near the door of the room.

> Well sure.  That's entirely my fault since I wasn't able to schedule
> things on the day before.  Mea culpa!  Things worked a little bit
> different in Karlsruhe compared to Stuttgart, and not everything was
> good.  Like having to leave the exhibition hall at 10pm distracted me
> from preparations for the next day.  Also I failed to run supporter
> meetings and create overview pages during LinuxTag.  I'm working on an
> improvement.
Feel free to ask on the Debian booth for help.  It would not be a problem
to do some work (i.e. caring for the beamer or whatever) to support your
huge organisation efforts.

> Of course not, but if there are only geeks working and reading their
> mail, sitting with the back to visitors, not responding to them,
> is... err... somewhat confusing...

Kind regards


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