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Re: some extra LT review points ...

Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:

>> Only if you have one. :)
>> We should setup all machines in mainly the same way.
>> If they are just used for the Linuxtag (and get a new setup after it)
>> then with root pass of debian and a user linuxtag with pass linuxtag
>> and sudo rights for linuxtag for all commands without pass.
> Known root pass only for SE machines.  Root pass should not be publicised on 
> non-SE machines, especially if there are SE machines in the area (it leads to 
> the "I can 'rm -rf /' if I want" attitude).

Oh yes. I meant "root pass only for People working on the booth". Not
for visitors. :)
A visitor should never work alone on a machine except a SE
demonstration one. :)

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