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Re: some extra LT review points ...

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Michael Bramer wrote:

> 1.)
>   We should put some computers at the booth and every computer have one
>   debian person. Also every demo-point show one topic, like
>   Installation, SE-Linux, package-building, apt-get, ...
Couldn't this be done with your own laptop on request.  At least I did
so (with exception of the first two items).

> 2.)
>   The 'put a donation, get a CD' is ok. But if a visitor show a strong
>   interest in Debian, he should get a CD for free.
Definitely.  This is what I used to do.  After a ten minute talk about
Debian I did not ask for a donation when the visitor wanted to grab
one or more CDs.  This is more or less for visitors standing outside
the booth.  Those who came inside were not asked to give something ...

>   But we must make some extra thoughts on this point. If we will not put
>   out CDs for free, we don't need thousands CDs and the Price per CD
>   will rise. Maybe we will not found/need some sponsors...
Uhmm, yes.  Something I did not think about before.  May be some
sponsors would be angry if we proceed as on Sunday.  But we would have
definitely run oput of CDs if we would have proceeded like the days

> 3.)
>   Shows at the debian booths: If we make some shows, we need a big
>   Clock, a timetable (and make this public), some sort of micro and
>   maybe some sound/bell at the start
> Joey: can you start LT2003 and put this (and the other points) on the
>       web page?
Good idea. And we also need squealing penguins as HP to attract people ;-))))

Kind regards


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