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Re: Linuxwochen - Wien - open questions

* Karin Kosina <kyrah@gnu.org> [2002-06-10 19:46]:
>   I have some Debian-ish stuff from Joey, specifically a couple of
> posters from the booth and 16 "Morons..." T-shirt. (That was all I could
> carry on the train, I'm afraid.)

 No problem at all - I thought you were there by car with jack or
such... Anyway, thanks for fetching it!

> When do you need the stuff, and how do you get it? :) I won't be able
> to be in Vienna before June 28th, so maybe I should meet up with
> somebody from Linz who is going there earlier?

 When on 28th?  If it's in the morning it should be early enough (I
don't expect too many people right at the start on friday).  If someone
from Linz can get them to Vienna earlier that should be better of

 And that's the point why I x-mailed it to the linuxevent list. Somone
from linz coming to vienna before the 28th again and can take the stuff
with him?  I am currently employed 20h a week so it shouldn't be any
problem for me to meet you.

 Have fun and thanks,
P.S.: Christoph, of course we have a booth - we don't need 2 days
   preparation for the install party ,-)
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