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Linuxwochen Vienna summary

I'll make a new thread because thing get confusing :)

We will habe 100CDs sponsored by pinguin.at. We still need a cover
printing sponsor - any suggestions?
Martin Wuertele works on a PGI Version auf Joerg Japserts Linuxtag CD.
If the PGI Thing wount work we can fall back on the Linuxtag CDs
(deadline is 19.06.02, we also need some testing!).

Christian Weert will help us with the CD Cover (the Design). We will use
the Linuxtag Cover with our own sponsors (currently this is only
pinguin.at) [we need a logo from them]. We also need to change the label
on the upper left corner to something Linuxwochen custom.

T-shirts, Posters:
kyrah (Karin Kosina) fetched some posters and 16 "Morons..." T-shirt from Joey.
I don't know what the posters look like, same for the T-shirts. Some
links would be cool. When will we need the posters (when will we build
our booth)? So the question is also when should I be in vienna (and

A beam still would be very usefull (at least for bb :) ).
I think we have enough notebooks, some exoctic hardware would be cool.
btw is Debian GNU/Linux running on a C64? I will get such a computer
this week for 11€, it might be cool at the booth :).

It would be great if you could do the work on PGI together with Martin.

A problem is that im off the next week till Friday, i hope to manage to
get at least mail access via mobile phone and notebook.

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