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Re: Linuxwochen CD Sponsor

* Christoph Siess <c.siess@gmx.at> [2002-06-10 17:51]:
> I think we should calculate about one week to to the CDs. So deadline
> for CDs should be something around 19.6. - so that we have enough time
> for testing and can give them away to our sponsor on Monday 24.6.

 24th to 28th (maybe 30th) isn't really a week. Would be best to
crosscheck the date with the sponsor to not get him into stress.

> I will be off from 17.6 to 21.6 - hopefully i will have mail access but
> nothing else.

 O.k., I'm on it again, thank you for your great brainstorming, I think
we will be able to do it.

 So long,
I don't know, chmod g+a something  and the world goes crazy :)
                                  -- Craig Small, d-n-a@l.d.o

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