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Re: Linuxwochen Vienna summary

* Christoph Siess <c.siess@gmx.at> [2002-06-11 13:24]:
> btw is Debian GNU/Linux running on a C64? I will get such a computer
> this week for 11€, it might be cool at the booth :).

 No, it isn't.  Though LUnix is running on it (Little Unix)
<http://lng.sourceforge.net/>.  If you can manage to do the cable needed
for it to connect it to a linux box it would be great (do a second one,
I need one for myself ,-).

> A problem is that im off the next week till Friday, i hope to manage to
> get at least mail access via mobile phone and notebook.

 Should be no problem, I'm fully reachable again. Martin, just drop me
a note if you need a slap or two to get started again or such.

 Have fun,
<netzwurm> was is eigentlich so geil an grub?
<formorer> grub bootet alles was nicht schnell genug wegläuft
                                  -- #debian.de

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