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Linuxwochen CD

Hi all,

here's a sumary of what Christoph Siess and I discussed on #debian.de
regarding the CDs:

- I will create a PGI based CD for the install party based on Joey's
  LT-CD (this means we'll include the same packages)
- we will use the Platinum Slimcase CD-Rs since they cost us between EUR
  0,50 and 0,60 per item and they only need a front cover
- we will burn ~50 of these binary x86 CDs
- in addition we will burn max. 5 binary PPC minimum install CDs from the
  images available at http://www.phy.olemiss.edu/debian-cd/
- we will bring 10-20 floppy disks to create install disks for other
  ports in case necessary
- Christoph will make the front cover for the CDs (a slight modification
  of the LT front cover)
- if we can get any money from sponsors we will propably use it to print
  the CD covers in color, otherwise we will print them in black-white
  with our laser printers

yours Martin
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