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Re: LinuxTag

Peter H. Ganten wrote:
> In my opinion, it would be nicer to give the CDs away for free. I have
> talked with quite a few people, which got the CD from LinuxTag but
> have used some month later, those people would probably not pay for a
> CD. 

Yeah, I think so, too. Taking money for it makes it a whole lot more
difficult for those running the booth IMHO.

> Yes, I would like to produce the CD again. Also, I will ask the
> publisher of my book, if they are able to sponsor parts of the CD. 
> Please don't expect me to do this within the next 14 days, since I am
> on vacation then. 

Alright! When I find some time, I'll put up a webpage as I did last
year for the CD coordination (ie package lists, who does what?, links to
covers, etc.)


Roland Bauerschmidt

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