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Re: Update Systems

Oliver M . Bolzer wrote:
> > Don't forget the screwdriver.  Are 2gb enough or do we need 4gb?

> Fehlalarm! The situation has just changed. I fixed a believed to be doomed
> box and repaired it (was a faulty DIMM, nasty to find out). My boss has

Ok, removing it from my list.

> agreed to lend us the box for the week incl. monitor, keyboard, mouse,
> cable etc. Additional monitor, keyboard, etc. can be organized too. 
> The box is a PentiumIII 450MHz with 394MB RAM and a 9GB IDE HDD. We can
> wipe the HDD.
> We should just stick a "Thanks" sign somewhere, in case somebody gets curious
> why the box has "LMU" (uni-muenchen.de) engraved into it.

So prepare uch a sign :)



It's time to close the windows  -  Run Linux.

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