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Re: Update Systems

It's me again

On Mon, Oct 30, 2000 at 05:18:13PM +0100, Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.infodrom.north.de> wrote...
> If I shall take cable, hub, keyboard, mice, boxes etc. with me
> tell me *before* sunday.

I think we havew enough of these.
> > BTW, my machine has a SCSI card, so can you bring the HDDs?
> Don't forget the screwdriver.  Are 2gb enough or do we need 4gb?

Fehlalarm! The situation has just changed. I fixed a believed to be doomed
box and repaired it (was a faulty DIMM, nasty to find out). My boss has
agreed to lend us the box for the week incl. monitor, keyboard, mouse,
cable etc. Additional monitor, keyboard, etc. can be organized too. 
The box is a PentiumIII 450MHz with 394MB RAM and a 9GB IDE HDD. We can
wipe the HDD.

We should just stick a "Thanks" sign somewhere, in case somebody gets curious
why the box has "LMU" (uni-muenchen.de) engraved into it.

If we can't get a car, but somebody can come to the institute, we could transport the
originally boxed monitor and machine via public transportation, though
we need to change trains twice (ca. 20min) I'd love to avoid this.


	Oliver M. Bolzer

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