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Update Systems

 1. The Linux New Media AG pays travelling for two people.  Thus, if
    you join and eventually want your expenses be paid, keep all
    receipes.  We'll have to sort out after the exhibition which
    tickets should be paid.

 2. There will be an internet connection at the exhibition, I'll get
    details next week.

 3. We'll get two free exhibitors tickets.  I expect them to last for
    the entire exhibition, thus we have to manage their sharing.  I'm
    going to maintain them.  Additionally I have five more one-day
    tickets.  This means we must not be too many people at the same
    time or we're going to run into trouble.

    Current staff schedule: http://www.Infodrom.ffis.de/Debian/Systems2000/

 4. With OliB's box and weasel's box the booth is filled up with
    machines.  There is no need for more.

 5. We should discuss what we want to demonstrate since a regular
    demonstration of Linux and it's powers is not only useful.  We
    should try to show some of the advantages of Debian.



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	-- Larry Wall

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