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Re: Debian-Projekt auf der Systems

Hallo Joey!

Joey schrieb am Donnerstag, dem 26. Oktober 2000:

> Debian on Systems
> Machines ........: p90, 13", 100MBps-Hub [Mo-We]

>  1. We need at least one computer that will be at the exhibition from
>     Sunday to Friday that will be used as our main presentation box.
>     It neeeds to run X11 and should come with a pair of speakers.

My hardware is available from Su-Sa, it's just that I probably don't
have time to be there all the time.

I widthdraw the offer for the P90 and will bring a P ][ 400 and a 19"
monitor with sound and all the bells and whistles instead. Currently
it runs a out-of-date woody which I'll probably replace by a clean
potato (woody's wmaker is very /unstable/, not something you show to
the people).

I need someone to pick it up in MUC (near the TU) and drive it to the
fair though. If someone has a second monitor we could also try to get
Dualhead working with my Matrix G400 (I didn't try yet).

If we want to have some woody packages (like mozilla - so we can be
completly free (no netscape)) we need inet connection.


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